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JAVAA 'Fish Fridays'

Jamaica Association of Vintage Artistes and Associates ( JAVAA )



この日のバンドは、Fab 5 ! 入場料は忘れましたが1000円しなかったと思います。





皆のつぶやきで知りましたが、Rankin Trevor (写真右)がバイク事故で亡くなったらしいですね。

グリーナーの記事より (リンク切れすると何か分からなくなるのでペーストしました。

New voices at JAVAA 'Fish Fridays'
published: Monday | April 5, 2004

By Mel Cooke, Freelance Writer


THERE WERE old but new voices at the most recent edition of the Jamaica Association of Vintage Artistes and Associates' (JAVAA) 'Fish Friday'.

With the sizzle of frying fish and the murmur of comfortable chatter in the background, Frankie Campbell welcomed a number of new JAVAA members to the stage at the Jamaican Vibes Restaurant in New Kingston.

Singing on tracks, Jah Niceness sang that Jah Love you more than you know", to good applause from the audience as he exited the stage.

Frankie Campbell was the evening's MC and he ran the show as tight as a Fab 5 live performance, keeping the show moving without seeming to be in unseemly haste. Next up was Rankin Trevor, who opened with Sav-la-Mar Rock, the crowd rocking along as he chanted "the gift of Jah is eternal life".

There was rocking in the house as he chanted "dub it to your Majesty/dub it to society".

Special Man, another new JAAA member, outlined his integrity as he sang Babylon No Sign Me Up. "Seven days a week I work so hard/Friday come boss a play hard," he sang.


He moved on to topics of integrity and friendship and spirituality, with "Mi give love an them turn away/a pure evil thoughts them a cherish every day/so I know I have to kneel and pray/and ask Father God to bring a brighter day".

Keisha Patterson, the sole female performer of the night, was next. "I am privileged to be perhaps the youngest member of JAVAA. My parents gave me the love of music and I am here to express my respect to the veteran artistes," she said, her camouflage patterned hat at a jaunty angle and elevated confidently on her high heels.

And when she said veteran, she really meant veteran, as she began with Evening Time, one arm with a red, green and gold wristband doing the appropriate action as she sang the words "rub the floor".

There was a swishing of hips and encouragement to the audience to sing along, before she ended with a last "evening time" to rousing applause.


She went the R&B route on her next song, singing Then I Would Be Good with control. When Keisha Patterson wrapped up At Last, there were calls for more, but Frankie Campbell explained that as they were working with tracks there would be no more that night from the young lady.

Jungle Lion sprang on-stage, his dreadlocked mane bouncing on his back, as a few roars from the audience supported his entry. Working with a 'groundation' style rhythm, Jungle Lion enquired "what are we searching for?", replying "Jah love is right here". He tailored his lyrics to the occasion, chanting "what are they searching for?/tell them JAVAA is right here".

He ended with the chant "cyaan fool youth again".

The night's live performances ended with Roland Burrell, who was a hit with the audience from the get go as he sang "there is a picture, hanging on the wall" and they called for a forward. "Have you ever been outside when the rain is falling?" Burrell enquired musically ­ and even if they had not, they still appreciated the song.

Burrell closed his performance and the show with the easy rocking Johnny Dollar.




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